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De moderne gebruikers van onze producten eisen betrouwbare en gebruiksvriendelijke verpakkingen van onze producten, belangrijke zaken zijn:

  • Makkelijk te doseren: 10 gram (1 zakje) voor 80-100 duiven / 4 liter drinkwater.
  • Geen risico op onder- of overdosering!
  • Hygiënisch verpakt en goed beschermd tegen invloeden van buitenaf.
  • Geen verpakking die na opening gesloten moet worden.
  • Een lange vervaldatum.

Daarom hebben we 5 van onze medicijnen van topkwaliteit verpakt in sachets van 10 gram

RONI-CANKER MIX is a product that is specially effective against infections caused by Trichomonades and Hexamites in homing pigeons. During the racing season regular treatment for these infections is necessary. Young birds with severe intestinal infections caused by Hexamites are more susceptible to an unpleasant E-coli infection. The safety margin is considerable and young birds are also tolerant of the product.
The Adeno-Coli syndrome is a problem that is found in (young) pigeon populations and can be very harmful. Early treatment is important! The two active components in this mix have a broad effect and are extremely active against Adeno-Coli syndrome and the various causes of bacterial infections, such as Parathyphoid (Salmonella) and E-Coli
Art. nr.: D153 T-C-M COMBI 3-IN-1 MIX, SACHET 10
This T-C-M COMBI 3-IN-1 MIX is very suitable for the treatment of Trichomoniasis (Canker), Hexamitiasis, coccidiosis and Mucus in the throat. During the racing season it is important for the birds to be in optimal condition and that nothing stands in their way to perform well. T-C-M Combi 3-IN-1 MIX helps to achieve this and can be administered both preventively or curatively
Art. nr.: D154 ORNI-CANKER 4-IN-1 MIX, SACHET 10 g
ORNI-CANKER 4-IN-1 MIX has a broad therapeutic effect and is the perfect remedy for the treatment of combined respiratory problems. Symptoms: Picking of feathers, scratching head, red throat, yawning, inflamed third eyelid (especially in young pigeons), dirty noses, blue flesh, swollen heads, one eye cold, wet eyes, snot.
Art. nr.: D155 FMT ALL ROUND MIX, SACHET 10 g
Bacterial diseases are caused by bacteria, which excrete pathogenic metabolic waste products (toxins). These toxins are responsible for the symptoms. It is often not immediately clear which bacteria is causing the symptoms. Nevertheless,treatment is still required. In these cases FMT ALL ROUND MIX is a sensible choice.
The three active components in this mix have a broad effect and are extremely active against the various causes of bacterial infections, such as salmonella, E-Coli and the associated protozoic diseases such as pigeon canker.
Do not combine this product with DAC Broomhexine, 1+1 Cure, zoalene or carbadox!

Same product - Same price - New package!
Time for change. Not the content, because that is highly valued by the users of our products, but the packaging.
Important issues are:

  • easy to dose individually
  • hygienic and well protected against external influences
  • a long expiry date

That is why we have made blister packs for a number of our tablets. The following are now tablets available in both jars and blisters.
If you have any questions or comments please contact us, we are happy to help.
DAC Pharma Team.

  • Due to different regulations in EU and non-EU countries, not all of our products may be available in your country.
  • To check the availability, pleas contact your government agency for veterinary antibiotics